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What to Expect

To get the most benefits from your time with us, we ask that you read through our recommendations for your visit.

For all our services it's important that you hydrate before and after your session. We will provide you with a cold water bottle before your Infrared Sauna session, as well as prior to your Red Light Therapy. You should drink plenty of water prior to, and directly after your visit.

During an Infrared Sauna session you will be able to wear whatever you'd like. We recommend our clients remove the majority of their clothing for the sake of your comfort. Many clients enter the sauna in underclothes only, but shorts and a tank top work well.

For Red Light Therapy you should be in underclothes only, or fully undressed to get the most benefits from the lights.

For all our services we provide privacy for changing and towels to use for comfort. If you have any questions about what to expect for your visit with us please reach out!

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